Sourcing the Best Ingredients in Hong Kong

There’s little doubt that chefs and their customers alike have a growing interest, not only in what dishes taste like, but where the ingredients have come from. Whether we’re motivated by health concerns, what’s best for the environment, or even simple nostalgia for a dish that tastes just like Mum used to make, quality ingredients sourcing in Hong Kong is at the heart of every great catering service. You may think that beef is beef, but where it comes from and how it has been produced can make all the difference between an average dish and a superlative one.

meat Sourcing the Best Ingredients in Hong Kong

In fact, selecting quality meats is almost an art in itself. That’s why we tend to shop worldwide, looking for the best the globe has to offer. Many intensive meat farmers feed their livestock hormones to maximize their profit, but this is certainly not to our taste. We’d rather pay a little more for hormone-free chicken and eggs. Where possible, and when we can be sure of the quality, we’ll source organically. We source meat almost on a dish-by-dish basis: Australian lamb, for instance, has a reputation that’s second-to-none – we’ll even use the bones to create a great lamb stock that forms the foundation for many of our dishes. For making the burgers on our BBQ menu, though, we’ve tried many alternatives and our preference is the prime Angus beef ribeye and tenderloin we buy in from the USA.

Poor quality fish is another pet hate of mine. I don’t think there can be any compromise when it comes to fish; the discerning client would notice immediately. Whether it’s Norwegian salmon, crabs and smoked salmon from the UK, or Japanese Hokkaido scallops and mackerel, we’re true believers in “the fresher, the better”.

vegetables Sourcing the Best Ingredients in Hong Kong

These days, you can purchase any vegetable all year round. On the surface, that’s great for consumer choice. But it’s no coincidence that the practice of growing vegetables out of season is known as ‘forcing’. Even the name leaves a bad taste in the mouth. Instead, we shop from around the globe to ensure that we get the best quality of vegetables, as and when they’re naturally in season. We work with overseas suppliers to ensure the best in taste and quality of produce.

As for the condiments we use – well, every decent chef has his own secret recipe for sauces and relishes. It all comes down to the fact that you get out what you put in. So at the heart of a decent BBQ sauce, you’ll find a great ketchup, but to make a great ketchup, you first have to find the best tomatoes.

fruit Sourcing the Best Ingredients in Hong Kong

Take it right back to basics and you’ll see that finding the best raw materials to work with will deliver the best results in the end. That’s why, at Invisible Kitchen, we’re willing to take a little extra time and spend a little more money to source the top ingredients in Hong Kong. But there’s no doubt in our minds that you really can taste the difference.

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