Where to source your Christmas dinner ingredients in Hong Kong

If there is one thing we all love about Christmas, it’s food! We can all indulge in our favourite treats for a few days without guilt. So, to make sure your festive feast lives up to the hype, you will need to source the best ingredients. While it might be natural to think that top notch Christmas cooking ingredients are not available in Hong Kong, that’s simply not the case. Read on to discover our suggestions on where to source the best ingredients for Christmas dinner in Hong Kong.



Whether you’re serving it as a starter or as part of a buffet, seafood is a great addition to your Christmas menu and Hong Kong has plenty of terrific local fish markets to choose from. Here you can find everything from live crab to huge threadfin salmon and it’s all hauled in fresh each morning. One of the best markets to consider is Ap Lei Chau Market at Aberdeen Harbour. Here you’ll get the classic Asian wet market experience with a huge selection so you should have little trouble finding what you’re looking for. However, make sure your dish of choice can be fished locally and is in season. Hairy crab, for instance, might be harder to come by in December.



Free range meat has been increasingly popular in recent years. Knowing that the turkey you eat has had access to the outdoors, with space to roam and a healthy living space is all the better. There are several places for you to purchase free range turkeys. Invisible Kitchen can deliver British free-range turkey and all kinds of imported meat supplied for your Christmas catering in Take out the hassle out of your day and let the pros serve up a first class Christmas dining experience.For those of you who want to go DIY, you can get a raw free range British Turkey from Golden Pig, a top Hong Kong supplier of imported meats.


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However, there’s no rule that says you have to have Turkey at Christmas and there’s plenty of good reasons to bring a bit variety to your festive feast. Whether it is pork, chicken, goose, duck, or lamb you are after, there are great butchers in Hong Kong to get top quality meat. Farmer’s Kitchen has top drawer produce at reasonable prices. The staff are friendly and knowledgeable, and will be more than happy to help out, you can order online and have the meat delivered directly to your front door.Finally, you can choose a butchers with a French touch at Bistronomique Boucherie. Located in Kennedy Town, they stock premium quality meat, including Bresse Mieral chicken, free-range chicken, wet-aged meat, dry-aged wagyu, and dry-aged Angus.



Add some colour to your meal with delicious, fresh vegetables. There are so many vegetable accompaniments that go well with Christmas dinner, including carrots, turnip, Brussel sprouts, parsnip, broccoli, cauliflower, runner beans, asparagus, tenderstem, and much more. Luckily, there are also plenty of places for you to acquire your fresh groceries from. Of course, there are the wet markets and the street markets, which are known to deliver freshness and high levels of quality. City Super is also a good option if at times a bit pricey. Three Sixty is a natural and organic food store with an excellent range of niche organic products and fresh produce. You will also find a great assortment of Western and Asian groceries at Market Place by Jasons, with stores usually located in areas that have a high concentration of expats, i.e. Happy Valley and Central. Of course, you can purchase food online too. The only thing to be mindful of is that you won’t actually get to see the vegetables you purchase. Nevertheless, some online grocery stores with a good reputation include Eat FRESH, MySnappyCart, andecoFarm.



Last but not least, to round off the meal, you are going to need some condiments. We recommend the traditional Christmas cranberry sauce and gravy which will of course add that bit of extra flavour. To find them, simply go to City Super or Jasons supermarket. If you decide to make cranberry sauce yourself, don’t forget to prepare it beforehand. Fresh cranberries are not prevalent in Hong Kong as they are usually a bit tart and bitter. Common cranberry products are frozen or dried and you can easily get them in international super markets in Hong Kong.

Cranberry-Sauce-Christmas Where to source your Christmas dinner ingredients in Hong Kong

Hopefully, you now have some great suggestions regarding where to source your ingredients for the perfect Hong Kong Christmas dinner. There is no denying the difference that fresh, organic food makes when it comes to making a meal. If you don’t have the quality ingredients to start with, you are not going to cook a meal of the highest standard – no matter how adept you are in the kitchen. This is why it is so important to choose with care.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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