How to Throw an Awesome Bachelorette Party In Hong Kong

Hearing the news that your best friend is getting married should be some of the best news you’ve ever had. Hearing that you have been honored with the responsibility of planning the Bachelorette Party could go one of two ways. Some people relish the idea. If you’re the social organizer in your group you are probably already used to taking the lead in planning fun nights out. But what if you’re just not a natural? Or even if you are, the thought of planning such a special occasion has sent your knees wobbly and your nerves in tatters. Fear not! We have created the ultimate guide for planning the perfect Bachelorette Party in Hong Kong. The key to any successful event is planning, here’s how to get ahead of the curve and ensure the bride-to-be has the perfect send-off to wedded bliss.


The Countdown to Hen Party Success

4 Months to Go

Setting deadlines will help make sure you don’t leave everything to a last-minute panic. Try to start at least four months ahead of the event with the following to-do list:


Gather the Hens:

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Planning the guest list first will help inform you on the next steps. This is something you’ll definitely need to run past the bride. She might be your best friend or even your sister, but do you know her work friends, which relatives she’d like to celebrate with and whether she would prefer an intimate gathering or a large hen party for all her friends?


Set the budget:

Now that you know who will be attending, put some serious consideration into the budget. Speak to other close friends and relatives to see if they are comfortable chipping in for the bride’s expenses. Try to gauge what will work for everyone on the guest list. While a big lavish day with lots of activities might work well for some, make sure you make room for guests who have limited budget. Equally, make use of generous friends who might be willing to pay into a kitty, or buy some bubbles to share with guests who might not otherwise be able to enjoy the day to its fullest.


Pick a date:

erros-mais-comuns-ao-planejar-um-casamento How to Throw an Awesome Bachelorette Party In Hong Kong 

Most brides do NOT want to turn up to their big day looking frazzled, hungover or exhausted. Choose a date with the bride that gives her ample time to rest, recuperate and get ready for her wedding, especially if your plans include extensive travel, energy or booze!


Send the invitations:

Getting those invites out early is imperative. Disappointing the bride by not having given guests enough warning can leave you feeling guilty, guests who can’t make it feeling left out and some friend-shaped holes in the Hen Party photos. Four months is a good rule of thumb for getting out the invitations. If you can, send invitations by post for a personal touch. Otherwise, email is also perfectly acceptable for most people and can always be personalized to make it feel more special.


3 Months to Go

Helping hand:

If your Hen Party in Hong Kong is expecting guests from other parts of the world, offer to help and advise them on how to get there, visas and accommodation. If there are multiple guests who might need this kind of help, you can create a short guide with all of the details in one document including links to useful resources to save yourself time. It will also make you look like an organizational wizard and make them all feel like VIPs.


Have options and be upfront:

Make sure all the costs and expectations are clear from the outset. If there are expensive parts of the day, consider including some activities that won’t cost a fortune. Be especially considerate towards those who have spent money on hotels and flights to attend. Make sure to mention dress codes, themes and, if you have some hell-raisers in the group, be sure to let them know any ground rules!


2 Months to Go

By now, you should be getting excited about what’s to come. Exploring the wide array of activities on offer in Hong Kong will whet your party appetite for fun, food and adventure.

Here’s an example itinerary that has a little something for everyone:

hensblog-pic-3-2 How to Throw an Awesome Bachelorette Party In Hong Kong


For the Outdoors Adventurers
Many are surprised to find how much natural beauty is within a stone’s throw of downtown Hong Kong. Grab your friends and take them on an outdoor adventure to get their blood pumping. Physical activities provide a great ice-breaker for bachelorettes who may not know each other so well while the backdrop soothes the soul. Hiking through waterfalls, beauty spots and beaches will start your celebrations off in a unique way. Plan your sight-seeing so that you can settle down with a luxurious picnic basket delivered by Invisible Kitchen for all those hungry hens.


Island Hopping

You haven’t been to Hong Kong unless you’ve been on a sampan. Explore the outlying islands while sipping champagne and enjoying delicious canapés. Book a private tour in advance to ensure you provide a truly exclusive bachelorette experience.


Afternoon Tea at The Lobby (Peninsula)
Want something more traditional? Go for a classy afternoon tea that every guest can enjoy. Does the bride have a favorite Auntie that might not make it to the party tonight? This is a chance to make sure she enjoys the day as much as the bride will.


Facials and Spa Treatments in a Private Venue
Use a booking app like Fab Pros to have people come to a venue of your choice such as the decadent and unique House of Siren.


Dinner in your private venue

Tired of the usual bachelorette theme of restaurants, bars and clubs? Maybe someone in your group has the perfect home for a dinner party, or maybe you’d like to hire a space just for you and the girls for the night. Having your own space means you can get as rowdy as you like, decorate according to your party theme and hire a private chef to cater for their specific tastes.

Chef Tom Burney from Invisible Kitchen: Whether you want cocktails and canapés, a BBQ, a buffet or a luxurious sit-down meal, our very own gourmet chef will choose only the finest ingredients for your table. We make everything in-house, from creating stocks, to mincing our own meat, to dehydrating our own fruits and smoking our own fish. Choose one of our packages or create your own menu, then just sit back and let Invisible Kitchens spoil your bachelorettes to bits. Need help finding a venue? Let us know, we are brimming with ideas after years of experience in events and private parties in Hong Kong.

Lakshmi Hariela from Love True Food: For the health conscious bride-to-be, check out Love True Food’s vegan and raw options. Love True Food is on a mission to prove that healthy food needn’t be boring food.


1 Month to Go

Hens-blog-4-2 How to Throw an Awesome Bachelorette Party In Hong Kong


You have given yourself some wiggle-room so now, you have time to double-check that everything is on track. If it is, why not add a few little extras to make it even more special? If you have opted for private catering, you can work on the menu with us here at Invisible Kitchens, we can incorporate the bride-to-be’s favorite food and drink, help you choose a theme and then take all of the hard work away so that you too will be able to relax and enjoy the day.


One Week to Go
Double confirm all the venues, hotels and activities that you have booked. Send out a little email to all of the guests to get them excited and relax until the day arrives. You have worked hard to make this a success, now you will get to see the bride have a memorable day thanks to your dedication. Don’t forget to make the most of it yourself too, you deserve it for all your efforts!


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