How to Plan a Perfect Junk Boat Party Hong Kong

Since our first junk boat trip in March 2012, they have gone from strength to strength. However, while junk parties can be a lot of fun, they can also be tricky to organise. From choosing a boat company to deciding where to go, there is a lot that needs to be taken into account. But, don’t fret, as below you will find the ultimate guide to planning the perfect junk boat part in Hong Kong.

party-boat_0 How to Plan a Perfect Junk Boat Party Hong Kong


Choose a date and time

When are you going to host your junk boat party? This is the first decision you need to make. It is worth talking to the people you are going to invite to discover more about their availability. There is nothing worse than hosting an event only to find out that everyone is already busy. Moreover, you will need to plan in advance in order to secure a boat on the day you have in mind. It is worth talking to a few boat providers to discover how far in advance you typically need to book a boat. You should definitely give yourself at least a month or two. In addition to this, decide on what time of the day you are going to host the party. You can go on an evening junk, or you may want to do a full-day or half-day junk. Day junks can be better value for money, as they last longer than boat parties at night.


Find a quality boat provider company

Once you have decided when you are going to host the event, you then need to find the perfect boat provider. This is never something you should rush into; otherwise you could live to regret it. Make sure the company has a lot of experience and that they have a wide assortment of boats available. After all, everyone’s needs are different, and you need to ensure you are going to find the best boat for your party. You should also take plenty of time to research the right junk boat providers and read feedback that has been left by past customers. This is the best way to get a truthful insight into the firm and the level of service they provide. If the majority of past customers have been unhappy with the service they received, you can rest assured that they will have voiced their concerns. This should set off alarm bells, and you’d be wise to look elsewhere.


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Choose the right boat

Once you have chosen a boat provider, you then need to select the right boat for the occasion. The first thing you need to consider is the number of guests there are going to be. The average junk boat in Hong Kong will hold between 25 and 45 people. However, you can find boats ranging from 20 people maximum capacity to 100 people maximum capacity. Don’t try and stick a few extra people on the boat; the maximum capacity level is implemented for your own safety.

You also need to consider the type of boat you are going to go for. There is everything from modern cruisers, to slick yachts, to traditional wooden boats to choose from. Your decision will depend on the budget you have available, the number of people coming, and the feel you want for the party. If you want to keep it as traditional as possible, a wooden boat is a must. However, if you are planning on hosting more of a lavish event, you may want to consider a yacht or a modern style of boat.


Select a pick-up point

You will need to select a pick-up point where everyone can meet and get on the boat. Most people tend to choose one of the following: Stanley, Aberdeen, Sai Kung, or Central. Pick a destination that is going to be convenient for the vast majority of your guests – it can be impossible to please everyone.


What do you need to take with you?

  • Food – Of course, you are going to need to organise junk boat party food. There are many different options you can choose from, but the best approach is to simply get a catering company to take care of this for you. An outside caterer will prepare a menu that is perfect for the occasion. At Invisible Kitchen, we have classic and deluxe menus available, meaning you can cater the food to suit your budget. Both menus have been designed with a boat party in mind, containing the likes of sandwiches, pasta salads, and hot dishes such as caramelized onion and goats cheese tart, Moroccan lamb tagine, and traditional Italian lasagne. Nevertheless, you can enquire about bespoke options. Using a caterer will ensure that you can focus on other aspects of the party and, most importantly, enjoy yourself.


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  • Drinks– Your caterer may also be able to provide you with a drinks package. A lot of people end up underestimating on cups and ice, and don’t forget the importance of water and soft drinks too.
  • Guest list – It is a good idea to create a guest list. This will help you to ensure that everyone who gets on the boat is meant to be on the boat. Otherwise, someone could easily sneak on. If you are charging, this is also the best way to make sure that everyone has paid. A simple guest list will consist of three columns – the first for the name of those invited, the second for whether they have got on the boat, and the third for whether they have paid. People may pay you in advance so you should print this guest list as soon as you have invited everyone.
  • Additional supplies – If you are hosting a junk party during the day, you are going to need sun cream. You will also want to bring a bathing suit, a towel, and any other supplies you need for when you get out of the water. If you are someone who gets seasick, don’t forget to take some tablets.

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Other top tips


  • Make the event one to remember with extras – There are many ways you can make a good boat party a great one. From DJs and banana boats to wakeboarding and face painting, the options are endless, and there is something for all tastes and personalities. This is the best way to inject some fun into your party.
  • Sort out music in advance – There are a lot of boats whereby you can simply plug your smartphone directly into the sound system and play your music. However, you should never simply assume that this is the case; otherwise you may end up with no music at all. Check in advance to avoid disappointment. Some junk boat companies may organise the music for you, or you may want to hire a DJ to really make the party one to remember.
  • Sit at the back of the boat if you get seasick – This is the best place for those who are affected by seasickness. Try and spend a lot of your day in the water if this applies to you.
  • Collect money in advance – Unfortunately, people always flake on events, no matter how popular you may be! Don’t take it personally, but do be prepared. If you are charging people, collect the money in advance. People will tell you then and there if they are not going, rather than simply not showing on the day of the event.
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