Gourmet Office Lunch Menu

$160 per head -­ (min. 25pax)

Take a look at the office lunch catering menu below, fill in the details and send us your no-obligation enquiry. We’ll get back to you quicker than you can say ‘delicious’.


illustration-asparagus Gourmet Office Lunch Menu


Starters (choose 2)

Fresh smoked salmon & potato salad   (Sustainable Seafood, GF)

Pine nut and parmesan pesto pasta   (v on request)

Bruschetta with tomato and basil   (vegan)

Cheese and ham delicatessan board with baguette  (v on request)

Hummus, tapenade and pitta bread  (vegan)

Roasted vegetable and goats cheese tartlette with balsamic rocket salad (v)

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Chicken-web Gourmet Office Lunch Menu

Main Course (choose 2)

Coq au Vin with green beans, carrots and mushrooms

Chicken Tikka Masala with coriander and spinach

Seared Tuna with roasted cherry tomatoes and spring vegetables (Sustainable seafood, GF)

Beef bourguignon with carrots, mushrooms and pearl onions (Grass-fed Beef, GF)

Pork chops with mediterranean roasted vegetables and pesto (GF)

Moroccan lamb tagine with coridander, mint and parsley (GF)

Mushroom stuffed avocado with roasted cherry tomatoes and spring vegetables (GF, v, vegan on request)

Mexican bean chili with ‘Impossible Beef’ avocado, roasted red peppers and coriander (vegan, GF)

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tomato-web Gourmet Office Lunch Menu

Carbs (choose 2)

New potatoes with butter (v, GF)

Herbed quinoa (vegan, GF)

Duck-fat roasted potatoes (GF)

Macaroni with olive oil (vegan)

Herbed rice (vegan, GF)

Spiced sweet potato (vegan, GF)

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Banana-web-150x150 Gourmet Office Lunch Menu

Salads (choose 2)

Cucumber and avocado salad (v, vegan on request, GF)

Greek salad (v, vegan on request, GF)

Caesar salad (GF, pork)

Broccoli and beetroot cashew nut (nuts, v, vegan on request)

Nicoise salad (v, GF, Vegan on request)

Spinach, orange and almond salad (nuts, vegan, GF)

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Number of people (Minimum 25 people)

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    Payment T&C- 25% deposit (or full amount if under $2000) payable on confirmation to secure dates. Remaining balance payable 7-days before event. Cancellation will result in forfeiture of any monies paid. Event may be rearranged to a mutually convenient date (within 1 month of original date) if done more than 72 hours ahead of scheduled delivery time. Any cancelation of event within 72 hours of delivery time may result in forfeiting up to 100% of price, depending on our costs.

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