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Invisible Kitchen provides gourmet yacht and junk catering across Hong Kong, with a commitment to putting the planet first.  All menus include compostable dining ware (bagasse/PLA) and are delivered in re-useable cooler bags.

Junk and yacht catering in Hong Kong

Add some flavour to your journey with our selection of junk and yacht catering options, tailored to Hong Kong. Choose from a hand-delivered hamper rich with culinary delights, a gratifying snack buffet or sophisticated canapés, or a four-course meal prepared on-board by an Invisible Kitchen chef and served by our skilled waiters and barmen. Whether you just want a set of wholesome dishes to take with you, or a team to prepare an extravagant dining experience, Invisible Kitchen has options for each.

Select from our menu of popular options or contact us for a more personalised service.

Invisible Kitchen’s Hong Kong junk and yacht catering services are gourmet, culinary and chef-made. We are oceans beyond the standard fare.

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