Event Catering Services

img-catering-event2BIG Event Catering Services
3-course Flowerpot Canapes at Foodie Market.

Invisible Kitchen provides event catering services for food festivals, music festivals and a whole host of other large events, serving wholesome food to attendances of more than 15, 000 people.

Festival and event catering services in Hong Kong

Invisible Kitchen has delivered event catering services at a wide range of different events: operating stalls at Clockenflap, the artisan Beertopia festival and beyond. We’ve served wholesome, satisfying, and perfectly prepared food including organic steak and onion sandwiches, free-range chicken buns and roast beef butties.

For food services to meet organisers’ and guests’ standards, the menu and look must be designed to suit the theme and tone of the event. That’s why all our dishes are specifically designed by our Executive Chef Tom Burney, specifically to be cooked fresh and served in seconds.

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