‘Vegan Vs’ Canape menu

Our new canape range is a treat for vegan & hardcore meat-eaters alike, highlighting sustainable and tasty ways of eating- whatever your culinary persuasion!

DSC05504-1024x684 'Vegan Vs' Canape menu

Plant-Based R&D

Recently Chef Tom ate vegan for a month to really learn about the benefits & challenges of Vegan cooking/ eating. The Invisible Kitchen team have been working together developing a new innovative range of canapes that showcase alternative proteins and plant-based ingredients, serving them in pairs alongside their classic non-vegan versions.

We have made the vegan ‘alternatives’ the star of the show, even for meat eaters, rather than being an afterthought!

The Stars of the Show!

Our vegan ‘Scotch Egg’ (made from ‘omnipork’ and ‘just Egg’) is paired with our British ‘Wicks Farm’ (‘red tractor’-certified  pork & organic egg ‘traditional’ Scotch egg, so Flexitarians and those wanting to reduce their meat consumption can see how these new ‘alternative protein’/ ‘meat substitute products can be used and taste the difference. In a blind tasting 50% of people can’t tell the difference!

We also offer the ‘Impossible’ Medium-Rare (vegan) Beef Wellington using Impossible Beef 2.0 wrapped in fermented mushroom and filo pastry tart to recreate the classic Beef Wellington tastes and textures. Serving them side by side amazes your guests by showing how alternative proteins are developing to be real alternatives for ‘original meat’.

DSC05434-300x201 'Vegan Vs' Canape menuDSC05472-300x200 'Vegan Vs' Canape menuDSC05343-300x201 'Vegan Vs' Canape menuDSC05412-300x201 'Vegan Vs' Canape menu


Take a look at our Full ‘Vegan Vs.’ Menu to choose the best option for your event:

Click for Invisible Kitchen ‘Vegan vs.’ PDF menu

Available in a range of formats to suit crowds from 100% vegan through ‘Flexi’ to 100% carnivore. ‘Vegan Vs.’ is a sure-fire way to impress your guests in a sustainable way AND really offer something truly new in the world of Hong Kong canape Catering

About Invisible Kitchen

We are on a journey to transform traditional dining in Hong Kong and demonstrate how small changes can make a big difference by putting the planet first and sourcing the highest-quality ingredients while supporting ethical, environmentally-friendly and sustainable practices.

Our Invisible Kitchen Green Policy highlights:

• Water is filtered, bottled and carbonated in-house, in re-usable, glass bottles
• Tomatoes, herbs and micro greens are grown at the Invisible Kitchen garden
• Only using 100% sustainable seafood, IK is a member of The Hong Kong Sustainable Seafood Coalition
• Other fruit and veg is sourced from local HK and organic farms
• All ‘disposable’ tableware is compostable & non-single use options are available
• Deliveries are packed in re-usable cooler bags
• Ongoing commitment to reduce, re-use and recycle
• A growing collection of plant-based and gluten-free options
• Supporting Green Monday and promoting plant-based alternatives
• Offering healthy, fresh and unprocessed food

Read our full Green policy here

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