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Conscious Canape Catering that doesn’t cost the Earth!

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Palate-Friendly & Environmentally- Friendly

Rest assured that your small bites are big on sustainability at any price point. With 100% certified sustainable seafood, local organic veg, responsibly-farmed meats, alternative proteins and innovative plant-based options, you can be sure your next cocktail catering event won’t cost the Earth! Take a look at our signature canape catering menus below for inspiration.

See our ‘Green’ Policy for more details about our many environmental initiatives.

Bespoke Canape catering options

If you need something unique, our chefs have many creative options for branding canapes for your corporate event or theming a menu to match your event focus. Whether you need ingredients and dishes of a particular Country, region or cuisine; a particular colour theme or even canapes paired with wine, whisk(e)y or Sake, our team of Professional & passionate chefs can create the impact you are looking for.


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What Catering Services do we Offer?

As you’d expect, we provide everything from a simple delivery of canapes Hong Kong-wide to fully managed events including chefs, waiters, event manager, logistic support, equipment hire & set-up, glassware, an extensive wine & drinks menu and even live canape stations!

Get in touch with our Hong Kong Events team to discuss your event requirements or simply for advice.

Food’s Future

If you want a taste of the Future- Check out our innovative and truly one-of-a-kind ‘Food’s Future’ Canape menu. Chef Tom has designed this menu to showcase responsible & sustainable catering practices & new ingredients, featuring cricket brownies, Vegan porkless & eggless ‘Scotch’ Egg, ‘Alternative’ Beef Wellington & ‘zero-waste’ pineapple jam tart with our own ‘Invisible’ vegan Cheese

We create the conscious canapes Hong Kongers love!

Read more About Us to see what makes us different from other Hong Kong catering companies.

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