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Hong Kong Buffet Catering has Gone Green

Due to a strong ingredient-sourcing policy and buffet packages to suit every price-point, you can be sure that our buffet catering doesn’t cost the earth.

Also, see our Green’ Policy to find out how we keep your buffet catering sustainable. Highlights include using:

  • only 100% certified sustainable seafood
  • pasture-raised beef & lamb
  • free-range chickens & eggs
  • ‘red tractor’ certified British pork
  • a good range of alternative protein & plant-based options
  • our own in-house filtered & carbonated water
  • no single-use plastics
  • organic local seasonal & homegrown produce


For Hong Kong buffet catering with an ‘invisible’ environmental impact talk to us! 

Do you want to find out other ways that Invisible Kitchen are different to other Hong Kong caterers? read about Chef Tom & the Invisible Kitchen team here

What Buffet Catering Services do we Offer?

From light lunch buffets to filling dinners, our buffet catering puts the finest selection of chef-made foods at your fingertips.  Our event planning team are renowned for ensuring that planning your buffet is super smooth and that the only unexpected surprises on event day will be good ones!

We offer the full range of options, from simple delivered ready-to-eat menus to large-scale traditional buffet catering. Or why not try a mix of interactive chef stations and grab and go items such as our Sustainable Shrimp & avocado Poke pots…

As you’d expect, we provide everything from a simple delivery of buffet food to fully managed events including chefs, waiters, event manager, logistic support, equipment hire & set-up, glassware, an extensive wine & drinks menu and even live chef stations!


Talk to our team to see how we can really make your buffet unique.  ask about printing your company/ client’s logo onto macarons, burgers or other food items!

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