Green Monday Hong Kong: the benefits and impacts on environment

We are all well aware just how much the amount of greenhouse gases we produce affects our environment. We have seen temperatures change, glaciers melt and animals move to different parts of the world in order to keep their environment consistent with what it has been over the millions of years. Therefore, Green Monday Hong Kong is all about raising awareness and identifying just how much damage we are doing while also highlighting how we can make a difference.
1 Green Monday Hong Kong: the benefits and impacts on environment

What is Green Monday?

The aim of Green Monday is to deal with climate change as well as the insecurities that surround global food production. This is achieve through developing low-carbon living that is also sustainable, easy, has a wide reach and is possible to become a part of. The idea is that everyone comes together to join efforts and this includes the public, restaurants, schools and corporations.
2 Green Monday Hong Kong: the benefits and impacts on environment
It is common knowledge that our transport systems play a huge part in the damage to the environment. This, along with heavy industries as well as electric power that is coal drive all continue to emit gases into the environment which has a very serious impact. However, it was not until recently that it was understood just how much of an impact the food that we eat has on the environment and how it contributes to global warming. A report taken from the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation has found that the meat we eat actually contributes more to greenhouse gases which include Carbon dioxide, Methane and Nitrous Oxide all of which mainly come from manure of cattle than that of which comes from transportation or industry.

Therefore, Green Monday is all about promoting green living in a healthy and sustainable way while helping people go green Hong Kong. The idea is to promote vegetarian eating along with food rescue initiatives that involves a wide range of businesses, schools and the public. The idea is to reduce the carbon footprint in a way that shows how we need to behave and think in a more responsible way.

This is not about putting pressure on people to become vegetarians and it does not require a lifestyle change that happens instantly. The idea behind Green Monday is to education and show the public how they can play a part in reducing their carbon footprint while living a healthier lifestyle by removing meat from their diet for just one day a week.


Why a Monday?

Monday is the first day of the week and seems like the perfect day to implement a change in the way we think about what we eat and the impact it has. This is the day where plans are made for the week and so, having a green day at the start of the week sets the week up in a positive way. The name is all about enhancing the way in which we think about living a greener life as opposed to trying to stop people from eating meat. This means that it will raise awareness and inspire people to understand how they can benefit having a greener diet just one day a week while also helping the planet through the reduction of greenhouse gases.
4 Green Monday Hong Kong: the benefits and impacts on environment
Since 2012, when Green Monday began, it has developed to the point where it has made a real impact on the way in which people live because it now supplies green products and has inspired restaurants and delivered innovative products to help further promote a greener way of living. The idea was to target all aspects of society in an attempt to work towards a single goal.


The Benefits of Green Monday

Anything that is good for the body and soul, as well as the planet, is something that is worth being a part of and that is why it is important for people to go green Hong Kong and really understand the benefits that come with this initiative.

4 Green Monday Hong Kong: the benefits and impacts on environment
Therefore, opting to go meat free once a week is good for your personal health. This is because it will encourage you to eat healthier vegetables, salad and fruit as opposed to heavy and fatty meats of which many are cooked in an unhealthy way. This means that you are digesting less saturated fats and calories, all of which will contribute towards improved personal health.


As mentioned, the production of meat contributes to more greenhouse gases than the likes of transport and industry alone. This is due to the rearing of cattle, the gases they produce, transporting of the cattle which also includes transportation after they have been slaughtered. The idea is that by reducing the amount of meat consumed, it will reduce the number of animals required and that will benefit the planet.

To add to the benefits, Green Monday is great for animals as they get to lead a life that comes with a better way of living and less chance of them being killed for meat.


Impact on Environment

When we consider the environment and how it is threatened by greenhouse gases, immediately people think about transport and industries that throw out lots of gases into the atmosphere. However, this is not strictly the case because the food is one of the more prominent dangers to the planet as it contributes a considerable amount to climate change.
5 Green Monday Hong Kong: the benefits and impacts on environment
It has already been identified that the livestock industry and meat production has a greater effect on global warming than anything else. This is having a detrimental effect on the planet but it can be changed. The production of food requires some form of industrial input and the figures are quite staggering when you consider that 27.0kg of carbon monoxide is produced from the production of 1kg of beef whereas the 1kg of tomatoes produces just 1.1kg of carbon monoxide. As part of this process, water is required and that means a considerable amount is used to produce beef when compared to the production of wheat. Incredibly, wheat requires just one-tenth of the amount of water required to produce beef.

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