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I’ve been researching and experimenting with green juices a lot recently since introducing them to our ‘healthy meals’ package and have loads of tips on getting optimum nutrition & anti-oxidants in your juices while keeping them really fresh and tasty, which I’ll be sharing here and though our facebook page ( ) in the coming weeks.

Whether to make a juice or smoothie is a big question in the ‘green’ world, and it basically comes down to whether you want the extra fibre in your diet (smoothie) or don’t (juice). Also, the nutrients in juices are absorbed a lot more quickly than in a smoothie, and they take a lot less chewing- a salad and a fruit salad rolled into one in a glass…

In addition to the usual suspects in the green juice repertoire (celery, parsley (detoxifying, rich in antioxidant vitamins A, B, C and K), apple, lemon (aids digestive absorption), ginger ( a super-healer), banana (it’s what fuels Raphael Nadal), basil (amazing nutritional and medicinal punch, calming, digestive aid), kale/ chard, romaine, spinach (antioxidant, packed with iron & protein), cucumber etc.) we use a couple of other key special ingredients in our juices which are real natural superstars- starting with:

Spirulina ( ), which is a single-cell algae and a true super hero ingredient.

It has the highest protein-content in the vegan world at around 60%, and is packed full of omega 6 in amounts only 2nd to that of mother’s milk. It enhances blood-building and aids stem cells; beneficially enhances the reproduction of certain stomach bacteria; contains certain cancer-fighting carotenoids and boasts a very high level of minerals, vitamins and enzymes and is considered to be the primary food to be cultivated in space stations for it’s all-round benefits.

Now, that beats a can of diet coke.

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