Dragon Boat Festival Hong Kong – Workout Food Tips

The History of the Dragon Boat Festival

20120512022810385_5316-300x225 Dragon Boat Festival Hong Kong - Workout Food Tips The Dragon Boat Festival in Hong Kong, is known as Duan Wu Jie and it is believed that the festival began when the patriot poet, Qu Yuan committed suicide in 278 BC by drowning himself in the Miluo River on the 5th date of the 5th lunar month. However, a number of traditions that play a part in the festival are believed to have existed before the festival began.

The festival is closely linked to dragons as the two most important aspects of the festival; boat racing and eating zongzi are both related to dragons. There are other beliefs that the festival could have originated from the forbidden evil days. In the Chinese calendar, the fifth month is considered to be an evil month and which is when the festival is held. It is possible that the festival grew and developed from all of this and so, the attraction of the festival has been increased, as a result of the story associated with Qu Yuan.

The festival is a busy time and celebrated by all with many activities taking place.There are, of course, the Dragon Boat Races and these are the main allure of the festival. The ornate boats are carved with a traditional look and feel to them while a fierce looking painted dragons head and tail adorn theme. The whole spectacle is packed with excitement and heavy drumming enhances the intensity as the racers put a huge amount of effort into getting across the finish line.

1-0WLmZJzKp6fYISTlujWKdw-300x200 Dragon Boat Festival Hong Kong - Workout Food Tips The festival is steeped in tradition and it is common to see individuals wearing incense bags that hang from their necks. Traditionally, this was carried out as a way of protecting themselves from the diseases and plagues that used to saturate the lands at the same time the festival took place. It is also common to see people hang calamus and wormwood on their doors and windows to ward off spirits and evil.


IK-0288-300x199 Dragon Boat Festival Hong Kong - Workout Food Tips As with many Chinese festivals, the Dragon Boat festival is associated with delicious food. While food forms an important part of the festival for the public, the athletes who take part in the boat race have to consider their pre-workout food. It is a dumpling that consists of rice and traditionally wrapped in bamboo leaves although fresh bamboo leaves are rather sparse these days. Zongzi can be found in a number of different shapes and they have a wide range of fillings such as dates, meat and even egg yolks. Fried Cake also known as Jiandui is also consumed during the festival. It is made from wheat and rice flour and it. It is believed that consuming this would help to fix the sky during the rainy season by plugging up holes and stopping the rain.

Thin pancakes are another popular choice and are made using white wheat flour.This creates a pancake that is not only thin but also transparent. They are eaten in the same way as a wrap and can often be found filled with green beans, shredded meat, mushrooms and leek.

Another tradition that can be found are eggs steamed with tea and dyed red.The eggs are then placed into colourful bags and worn around the necks of children in order to bring them good luck.


How the Dragon Boat Festival is Celebrated

WEB_PHOTO_DRAGON_BOAT_RACING_FIVE Dragon Boat Festival Hong Kong - Workout Food Tips

In 2017, the festival will be held on May 30th with the promise that it will the biggest festival yet. Thousands of dragon boat athletes will compete against each other over the course of three days. The harbour will come alive with drummers, music, fans, food and people enjoying regular wine.

Chinese people turn the festival into one huge party because it has so much to offer with boat racing at the heart of the action not to mention the lion dances, marching bands and entertainers. It is a festival full of fun and excitement where it brings people together to celebrate a festival that has taken place for over 2,000 years.


The Foods that Should be Consumed in Preparation for the Boat Race

IK-0255-200x300 Dragon Boat Festival Hong Kong - Workout Food Tips For those taking part in the boat race it is crucial that they plan their meals when it comes to the right pre-workout food and what to eat after workout. A race as intense and testing as the Dragon Boat Race, requires athletes to consume the correct foods. This will ensure that the athletes remain healthy but also have the correct carbohydrates and proteins that provide them with the right fuel to race but also recover.
Fruit and vegetables are a great choice due to their low calories and low fat as well as having the correct nutrients. It is all about having the correct carbohydrates such as sweet potato salad and dried fruits, all of which can be found in the Invisible Kitchen Dragon Boat menu. Sweet potatoes are low on the glycemic index which means that it does not convert to glucose quickly and so, blood sugar remains stable. Dried fruits will provide a short burst of sugar and calories which are a wise choice prior to training.


Foods that are high in protein will help muscles to grow and repair which is crucial to their performance. High levels of protein will also help to keep the athletes fuller for longer. It is also important that they consume foods with good fats but also have a diet that is generally low in fat. Lean red meat will provide a large amount of protein as well as reduced fat while chicken without the skin is also a great meat to consume as a pre-workout food. Fish is always a great choice as it is low in fat, calories and has plenty of protein. Salmon comes with superb nutritional benefits and essential fatty oils such as Omega 3 which is good for the heart and blood pressure. Where dairy is concerned, low fat milk, yogurt and cottage cheese will provide the right amount of fat and calories as well as protein while legumes and beans are a great source of fibre and protein.

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The Dragon Boat Festival is a celebration that is revered across China but the food that is consumed by both the participants and those that visit the festival plays a huge part throughout its duration.

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