Cooking up a storm- Yacht trip


cooking-up-a-storm-copy Cooking up a storm- Yacht trip


To see in the new -year, Tom took an 8-day yacht trip from Hong Kong to Halong bay in Vietnam and back again, through a typhoon and 4 metre waves.

Hong Kong Personal Chef had been approached to arrange the cooking onboard for a group of 12 family & friends planning a vacation cruise on the South China Sea.

We planned a full and varied menu for each day and took enough ingredients with us for 45 different dishes! From grilled lobsters to melting chocolate fondants & from Congee to Victoria sponge and banana bread, we had all meals and cuisines covered from morning and afternoon tea through breakfast, dim-sum, BBQ’s, lunches and dinner, providing a mix of Western and Chinese dishes as requested by our group.

The bad weather curtailed many of the planned excursions and activities, making our meals and feasts the highlight of many guests’ days.

As we sailed further from Hong Kong, the sea became extremely rough, and all of the crew and many guests felt it’s effects. The safest place to be was certainly sat down, away from anything that could fall!

This trip threw up some of the most challenging cooking conditions I’ve ever dealt with- physically. Preparing excellent quality meals to a tight schedule over long days for a week is no problem. When you can barely stand up, let alone walk because of the moving floor it becomes more challenging! And if you’ve ever suffered from sea sickness, I’m sure you can empathise… I had to literally tie pans onto the stove with rope and used blue-tac to stop pans of boiling liquid or hot oil from flying across the kitchen, and all movements even chopping was in sync with the rolling waves!

Weather aside, the trip was thoroughly enjoyed by all, and Hong Kong Personal Chef are now set up to cater for yacht trips in the future, whether day trips or longer voyages further afield.

A word of advice though, check the forecast before you leave…  and take sea-sickness patches!

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