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What We Do

Invisible Kitchen is a gourmet Catering & Events company, founded by experienced British Chef, Tom Burney.

They aim to create outstanding events while raising the bar for responsible Hong Kong catering as Hong Kong’s ‘greenest’ caterers.

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Tom’s vision

“I started Invisible Kitchen to bring joy to our customers by sharing our creativity, professional discipline & passion for food ‘done the right way’

(from both an environmental and a culinary point of view…)”

Corporate Hong Kong Catering

Primarily we specialise in modern conference catering & canape events, having extensive experience catering all types of corporate Hong Kong catering.  We work with local & International clients on events from board-room lunches, seminars & gala dinners to 1000+ multi-day conferences. Find out more about options for cocktail events on our Canape Catering page. Likewise, find out about our Conference & Seminar events on our M.I.C.E page (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, Events).

We regularly cater to the World’s top companies- both those based in Hong Kong and those visiting on business. In fact, we’re the only Western Hong Kong catering company with the capability to handle large corporate events sustainably. This is due to our own strong CSR policy standing up to the scrutiny of the World’s most demanding organisations. Check our Green Policy against your company’s CSR Catering guidelines here.

Private Hong Kong Catering

Our dedicated chefs and waiting staff have many years’ experience catering private events too. Catering to families and private events was after all how our company started- from a personal chef service. Our private clients often share our strong environmental & health concerns regarding the food they feed their families. As a result, they can trust that we are certainly not cutting corners behind the scenes. Basically we prepare food with the same level of care that you do at home feeding your family (sans washing-up). Contact us to discuss your individual needs.


Special Sit-down Dinners and Dinner Parties

Menus designed specifically around you. Chef Tom is an experienced private chef who can tailor-make recipes and menus to fit your individual needs. See Chef Tom’s private chef menus on his ‘Hong Kong Personal Chef’ website. Alternatively, let us know your idea and budget and we’ll tailor-make an event to fit.

Casual BBQ events– with 100% sustainable seafood, responsibly-sourced meats & organic seasonal Hong Kong produce. See much more on our BBQ page.

Special home parties– whether you want a traditional Christmas buffet, modern Brunch food stations or mini-main French-themed ‘standing dinner party’, we can help you to realise your ideas.


Hong Kong Wedding Catering

-Our Wedding events team is led by our Events Director, Laura Beaumont. Her team can help to plan an unforgettable dining experience as part of your wedding day. Our bespoke ‘Green’ wedding menus are based around your desires and our environment’s needs for long-lasting health & happiness. We are familiar with most of Hong Kong’s beautiful outdoor venues and can help to advise on everything from table settings & menus to novelty edible ideas & flow of catering service. Take a look at our Wedding Site for more ideas or contact us now to say ‘hello’.


How we source the best ingredients

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We are always looking for the most environmentally friendly practice, whether supporting local organic farms, growing micro-herbs in-house or working with Hong Kong’s most passionate sustainable seafood suppliers.

We’re always on the lookout for outstanding new suppliers and welcome your suggestions.

See full details of our sourcing & ingredients in our Sourcing policy

  • img-aboutus-map About Us
  • Beef – Pasture-raised- Kettyl Beef UK & Campbell Beef AUS
  • Lamb – Pasture-raised, Silver Fern Farms, NZ
  • Pork – ‘Red tractor’ certified, Wicks Manor farm, UK
  • Chicken & eggs- free-range, Frenz, NZ
  • Sustainable MSC Lobster – Canada and Alaska
  • Sustainable Salmon – Norway
  • Vegetables – Organic local farms, grown inhouse
  • Water- filtered, carbonated & bottled in our kitchen
  • Omnipork, Beyond Beef, Beyond Chicken, Just egg- Green Common, HK

Our Food philosophy

Invisible Kitchen is a chef’s kitchen.

Every decision made in our kitchen (on ingredients, suppliers, dishes and menus etc.) is based on the eating experience for our customer, as that is what drives our chefs. Our Head Chef Robin & his whole team are truly focused on the small details that make up our menus, since we live by the motto:


“Perfection is a series of small things done well”

That means knowing our carrots come from a farm where the farmer is passionate about growing the best carrot possible. Or that our Beef comes from an animal which has been raised naturally and treated humanely through its life. Also it dictates that every single cooking task or garnish is the best it can be. That’s why we grow our own garnishes in our garden- so we know exactly what goes into our food, so you do too.

img-aboutus-healthyeating About Us

Where Invisible Kitchen Came From

Chef Tom trained in France in the late 1990’s.He then spent a decade at top British restaurants learning about natural produce & cooking ‘with the seasons’. Naturally, he became an advocate of the local sustainable fisheries around his hometown of Manchester. Similarly, he partnered with local farmers and growers, along with other chefs of his generation who were starting to become more interested in where the food they prepared everyday really came from.

In 2010 Chef Tom moved to Hong Kong and launched the private chef service, ‘Hong Kong Personal Chef’. He cooked for visiting ‘key artists’ for a couple of months at a time. Such clients included actors Chris Hemsworth & Keanu Reeves (while they filmed) and singers Kylie Minogue and Lady Gaga (as their backstage private chef while performed here… separately of course!). Similarly, he cooked for local families and individuals with specific nutritional requirements or particular private dining needs. This normally involved providing daily meals or occasional fine-dining dinner parties.

In 2013 Chef Tom joined forces with his wife, Laura Beaumont to answer requests from his private chef clients to ‘save’ their office events from boring catering options and ‘Invisible Kitchen’ gourmet catering company was launched.


Invisible Kitchen’s 3 main focus areas were (and remain):

– A much higher level of genuine customer focus than HK catering customers typically receive

– Using high quality ingredients, carefully & simply prepared & well presented

-Committing to operate in an environmentally-responsible way across all areas of the business

Invisible Kitchen’s attention in these areas immediately set them apart and brought immediate accolades. Invisible kitchen were named ’ Best Catering company in Hong Kong & Macau’ 2 years running (every year the category was open)

[Image of awards]

And now?

Invisible Kitchen grew to become Hong Kong’s favorite Western event catering company. We now firmly lead the way in conscious and responsible catering options in HK. We have a team of over 10 industry professionals- chefs & event planners & logistics staff. Furthermore, we have an immaculate professional kitchen, 2 well-stocked warehouses of catering equipment and unrivalled wine cellars, Invisible Kitchen are now the go-to caterer for the most demanding Global companies; the most prestigious local companies; Hong Kong’s top Consular offices/Embassies and Hong Kong families alike.

See what all the fuss is about!

Check out our Signature catering menus, Comprehensive ‘Green Policy’ or get in touch to learn more.


The Future?

The future is coming. Watch this space!

We are collaborating with Foodie Magazine because we want to raise awareness about areas affecting our Food’s Future. Find out more about the annual Food’s future summit here. 

Sign up in order to receive news and updates from Chef Tom and the Invisible Kitchen team.






Finally, the Environmental Health Department have requested that all food businesses who operate online display a copy of their food factory license. This is so the public can be sure they are dealing with registered and licensed providers. Here is ours:

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