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Make sure your next event doesn’t cost the Earth

Responsibly Catering Hong Kong Events

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We are an experienced & passionate team. Catering Hong Kong, Kowloon & New Territories Events

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Our chefs are creative geniuses! They grow their own veggies & microherbs for their recipes too

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We offer environmentally-friendly re-usable tableware & compostable options too. So no single-use plastics here.

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We also work with local organic farms and responsible farmers to ensure cook our ingredients are sustainable

Tailor-made Picnic events

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New plant-based Canapes We are taking responsible-dining to a whole new level with the launch of our 100% plant-based Green canapes menu.   Chef Tom has been busy putting the final touches, or should we say garnishes, to our 'Goodness Gracious' Green canapes. Bound to delight the palate of  committed flexible diners , those with food allergies or the most ardent meat-eater! Tempting vegan delicacies include: -Home-made vegan cheese and pineapple jam tartlette. Created from the healthy and ‘zero-waste’ core of the pineapple. Paired with vegan cheese created in-house from a marriage of ingredien...
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                                                Invisible Kitchen, a Hong Kong catering company

who takes environmental responsibilities seriously.

10 Green initiatives because we care, we proudly:

Use 100% responsibly-sourced seafood (all our menus are WWF ‘Ocean-friendly’)

-Filter and carbonate drinking water in-house, and serve in reusable glass bottles

-Have cut-out single use plastics from our operations

-Use recycled material and Recycle ‘waste’ items we generate

-Only offer ‘disposable’ items which are compostable

-Use pasture-raised beef and ‘red tractor-certified’, grass-fed pork & lamb

-Use Free-Range eggs and chickens

-Offer reusable tableware to reduce dependency on single-use items

-Work with local hydroponic & organic farms, and grow some of our own ingredients inhouse

-Offer a variety of plant-based dishes and support companies pioneering ‘alternative’ proteins


See our ‘Green Policy’ Page for full details.

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