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Make sure your next event doesn’t cost the Earth

Responsibly Catering Hong Kong Events

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We are an experienced & passionate team. Catering Hong Kong, Kowloon & New Territories Events

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Our chefs are creative geniuses! They grow their own veggies & microherbs for their recipes too

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We offer environmentally-friendly re-usable tableware & compostable options too. So no single-use plastics here.

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We also work with local organic farms and responsible farmers to ensure cook our ingredients are sustainable

Tailor-made Picnic events

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                                                Invisible Kitchen, a Hong Kong catering company

who takes environmental responsibilities seriously.

10 Green initiatives because we care, we proudly:

Use 100% responsibly-sourced seafood (all our menus are WWF ‘Ocean-friendly’)

-Filter and carbonate drinking water in-house, and serve in reusable glass bottles

-Have cut-out single use plastics from our operations

-Use recycled material and Recycle ‘waste’ items we generate

-Only offer ‘disposable’ items which are compostable

-Use pasture-raised beef and ‘red tractor-certified’, grass-fed pork & lamb

-Use Free-Range eggs and chickens

-Offer reusable tableware to reduce dependency on single-use items

-Work with local hydroponic & organic farms, and grow some of our own ingredients inhouse

-Offer a variety of plant-based dishes and support companies pioneering ‘alternative’ proteins


See our ‘Green Policy’ Page for full details.

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